Lao Language

Before traveling to Laos, try to learn a few phrases. They will open closed doors and earn you a warm welcome from locals. Go on, try…

Useful Lao Phrases
Khoy pen nak tong thiov – I am a tourist.
Khoy pen nak tu la kid – I am a business man.
Nee man kapau dern tang khong phai? – Whose is this luggage?
Nee man kapau dern tang khong khoy – Here is my luggage.
Khoy tong peud man bor? – Must I open it?
Khoy bor mee gnang cheng – I’ve nothing to declare.
Nee man nang sue dern thang khong chao bor? – Is this your passport?
Nee man nang sue dern thang khong khoy – Here is my passport.
Number bad pan den – Passport number.
Dan tee ork dern thang – Port of departure.
Chud pasong khong kan dern thang. – Purpose of visit.
Khuang sai suan tua – Personal effects.
Khong khuan hai pheun – A gift for a friend.
Khong thee laluek – A souvenir
Sing khong lau nee thon sai pasi bor – Are these things dutiable?
Khoy tong chai thau dai – How much must I pay?
Khoy mee tang mod tau nee – This is all I have.
Tan kuad ka laev bor – Have you finished?
Mue uen sau ped mong khoy cha ork dern thang – I’ll leave at 8 a.m tomorrow.
Khoy cha chaeng ork yoo sai? – Where am I checking out?
Khop bin dae – My bill, please.
Chao ouw check dern tang bor? – Do you take traveler’s checks?
Khoy phak saduak sabai dee. – I’ve enjoyed my stay.
Eun lod taxi hai khoy dae – Please call a taxi for me.
Luam kha ahan sau nam – Breakfast included.
Luam kha ahan song khab – Two meals included.
Hong nam yoo sai? – Where is the bathroom?
Hong kin ahan yoo sai? – Where is the dining room?
Hong kin duem yoo sai? – Where is the snack bar?
Han kafe yoo sai ? – Where is the coffee shop?
Khoy khor number tho ra sab chao dae! – Give me your telephone number.