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Motorbike Laos on a boat

Traveling with one of our motorbike guides will open your eyes to amazing discoveries in Laos. Allow one of our trained motorcycle tour guides to accompany you as a translator, teacher, and companion, and come away with a deeper understanding of this remarkable country.

Lao PDR has been open to travelers for some time now, and while its cities are easy to navigate, its rugged countryside remains wild—and a bit mysterious. Our guides will help you make the most of your journey through the heart of Laos.

Meet some of our Motorcycle Tour Guides

Many of our guides have been trained over a decade with Tiger Trail Travel and continue their adventurous career with Motorcyle adventure tours through “Offroad Laos”.

Xue Yang

Motorbike Laos guide Sue Yang

Xue Yang (aka Xue) is from the Mong minority ethnic group in Laos. He is an enthusiastic, outgoing person who enjoys sharing his knowledge and love for his country with his customers. Xue has worked in the Customer Service industry for a number of years having worked in the hotel industry and now as a Tour Guide. Xue is married and has 3 young children.






Motorbike Laos guide Som Kid

Houylee has been traveling through Laos on the back of his motorcycle for many years now. He is a humorous and entertaining person to ride into the countryside with. Having years of riding experience, Houylee knows the backroads in Laos both inside and out. He has earned his trust from every person traveling with him through Laos.