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Writte to a Lao motorbike expert, and plan your unforgettable motorbike adventure tour in Laos, we have plenty of roads to be discovered.

Taking a motorcycle trip through Laos with one of our guides will open your eyes in ways that will simply amaze you. Our well trained and highly experienced Lao guides are fantastic translators, companions, teachers, and friends, who love to show visitors the beauty and hospitality of their country. Laos is an amazing place for any style of motorbike adventure. We invite you to join our passion, RIDING LAOS with a motorbike!

Laos has been open to travelers for some time now and just most recently for motorbike adventure travelers. The cities in Laos are growing and changing, but its rugged countryside remains wonderful and wild. Our offroad Laos motorbiking guides will help you make the most of your journey through the country’s undeveloped back-roads.

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    MOTORBIKE AND OFFROAD EXPERIENCE? (Beginner, Medium, Expert?)



    One Day Moto Tour

    ONE DAY Motorbike Tour Luang Prabang,

    Mighty Mekong 1 Day Tour

    Motorbike Special Offer, Explore the hidden treasures

    Tour Code:  MTO-1-A

    Distance: ±150 kilometres

    Level: Beginner/Intermediate

    motolao-crossing-river- Laos - 1 day tour


    • 08.30: A tuk-tuk will pick you up from your hotel/guesthouse
    • 08.45: Paper work & introduction to the motorbike. Riding tips for the day
    • 09.00: Start the engine and let’s go! Enjoy the freedom of riding around Laos
    • 12.30 : Lunch break
    • Return to Luang Prabang afternoon

    Map & Itinerary – Motorbike Adventure Ride

    Motorbike tour Laos MTO-1 A

    1 Day tour of the Mighty Mekong (L)

    Take an amazing ride in the rural countryside of Laos and explore her hidden secrets…

    Start your adventure by riding out of Luang Prabang on a Honda CRF 250L, into the Lao countryside with a leisurely ride on a winding paved road towards Muang Nan. You will ride through truly stunning landscapes and stop for a break at the beautiful Kamcham waterfall along the way.

     Once at Muang Nan you will experience a traditional Lao lunch at one of the many Lao roadside restaurants and be able to interact with the local people. You will leave Muang Nan for Luang Prabang by riding about 60km along the mighty Mekong River on one of two dirt roads, depending on your riding skills.

    •  The “lower” road is a pleasant windy dirt road that follows close to the Mekong River and has a few small river crossings. This ride is suitable for both beginners and intermediate riders.
    •  If you are a bit more experienced we will take the “upper” road, which is slightly inland from the Mekong River and requires a bit more riding skill. This road incorporates more track riding and has a few tricky sections with more hill climbs and descents which call for more technical riding skills.

    one day motorbike tour laos

    With both rides you will pass through different rural villages and get to see how the rural Lao people live. The landscapes are very beautiful with the road passing through teak tree plantations and farmlands.

    Before returning to Luang Prabang you will get to visit the stunningly beautiful Kuang Si Waterfalls and even take a dip in the refreshing turquoise water. You will also have the opportunity to see and learn about the endangered Asian Bears at the Free the Bear sanctuary.

    On either version of the Mighty Mekong One Day Ride, you will experience rural life, waterfalls, the Lao countryside and many other hidden treasures along the way…

    Price of the Tour           

    Book your seat now for a full day Lao moto adventure, with all inclusive services, bikes, food, fees, taxes and 100% fun. Take our Honda CRF 250cc  around Luang Prabang and across the majestic Mekong.

    1 pers.         $250 per/ rider

    2 pers.         $220 per/rider   

    3+ pers.      $200 per/rider          



    Two & Three Day Tours

    2 or 3 DAY Motorbike Tours Luang Prabang,

    Offroad Laos Motorbike Adventure Tours Laos

    BRAND NEW 2014 HONDA CRF250 models for each ride!

    If you wish to spend a bit more time on the wheels, take 2-3 days for a short Lao exploration ride. A motorbike is the perfect catch for that…

    A few days on a motorbike gives you the chance to really look into the countryside. Back-roads and hidden valleys, small villages await you and warm “Sabaidees…” will follow every day.  Laos has a lot of culture to explore, hill-tribes to visit and even more dirt roads to ride…out of Luang Prabang, you will find just all of that. The Offroad Laos Team has has created various tours that are constantly updated to suit your personal level of experience. Our team will assist you on every step of the planning for your perfect one day motorcycling tours out of Luang Prabang, which is where we are based. Come and meet us, or get in touch via internet…

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    Any question, get in touch with us!

    Four + Day Tours


    So, you clicked on a longer tour,…and you are seriously interested in motorcycling in Laos?

    Then a few days more on the bike will make the difference for you! To keep it short…you need to talk to us, as every rider has his/her preferences and special requests, wishes, ideas. So, bottom line is…talk to a team member and get the best thing ever, your very personal and individual motorbiking adventure in Laos…does that sound good??

    You dream, we plan, you ride…

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