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2 or 3 DAY Motorbike Tours Luang Prabang,

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BRAND NEW 2014 HONDA CRF250 models for each ride!

If you wish to spend a bit more time on the wheels, take 2-3 days for a short Lao exploration ride. A motorbike is the perfect catch for that…

A few days on a motorbike gives you the chance to really look into the countryside. Back-roads and hidden valleys, small villages await you and warm “Sabaidees…” will follow every day.  Laos has a lot of culture to explore, hill-tribes to visit and even more dirt roads to ride…out of Luang Prabang, you will find just all of that. The Offroad Laos Team has has created various tours that are constantly updated to suit your personal level of experience. Our team will assist you on every step of the planning for your perfect one day motorcycling tours out of Luang Prabang, which is where we are based. Come and meet us, or get in touch via internet…

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